D: Margaret Jackson
S: Pedro Parraguez Ruiz, Technical University of Denmark

Pedro’s work studies the science of collaboration and how large groups of people design complex systems. Through an organic, interconnected approach to design, rather than a linear or synthetic process, more opportunities arise for innovation.

This research has inspired Margaret to take a closer look at her own creative process. Designers are too often given individual credit for “their” designs. However, it would almost be impossible to design without outside influence or collaboration. As a designer, Margaret is constantly being inspired by other, searching out critiques from my peers, and experimenting with different media and technology to express her ideas. In the end, Margaret’s final works are an amalgamation of a wide reaching network of experiences, materials and points of view, all packaged under the umbrella of a concept. And her work may likely go on to feed a kernel of another design, and another, continuing to further weave design concepts together.

Interwoven is both a team name and a design concept for our Descience collaboration. The garment represents the layering of inspiration and connections needed to progress from a loose sketch, to a concept, and into a final form. Working from the ground up, the garment will transform from a series of loose connections forming a pattern, to a tighter weave, and finally to a fabric. The finished garment will tell a story of Margaret’s process through the lens of Pedro’s research.